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Adaptable Sensor Specification (433.92 MHz)


PROTPMS Adaptable Sensor TechnologyTM features programmable sensors that allow our dealers to program vehicle firmware onto the Adaptable sensors. In addition to that, dealers can skip OE vehicle relearn procedure by cloning OE TPMS sensor ID onto the Adaptable sensors. 

*NOTE: PROTPMS Smartphone TPMS Programmer ToolTM is required. Please visit our dealer site (www.protpmsdealer.com) for more information.


  • Battery life:3~5 years under normal use
  • Battery Voltage:3 V
  • Operating Humidity:Max 95%
  • Storage Temperature:-40 to 125oC
  • Operation Temperature:-30 to 115oC
  • Operation Frequency: 315MHz
  • Transmission Frequency: Transmit OE RF Signal
  • Pressure Monitoring Range 0~116psi
  • Pressure Reading Accuracy ±1Psi
  • Temperature Monitoring Range -30 ~ 115oC
  • Temperature Reading Accuracy ±4oC
  • Module weight 23g ± 1g / 0.81oz + 0.35oz


TPMS Certification