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Distinct Sensor Specification


PROTPMS Distinct Sensor TechnologyTM features OE style one-on-one sensor that allows our dealers to easily mount the replacement sensors on the wheels without additional programming and then follow the OE relearn procedure.

  • Battery life:3~5 years under normal use
  • Battery Voltage:3 V
  • Operating Humidity:Max 95%
  • Storage Temperature:-40 to 125oC
  • Operation Temperature:-30 to 115oC
  • Operation Frequency:433.92 or 315MHz
  • Transmission Frequency:Transmit RF signal as OE designed
  • Pressure Monitoring Range 0~116psi
  • Pressure Reading Accuracy ±1Psi
  • Temperature Monitoring Range -30 ~ 115oC
  • Temperature Reading Accuracy ±4oC
  • Module weight 31.6g ± 1g / 1.11oz + 0.35oz


TPMS Certification


FCC USA, CE EU, ARIB Japan, SAE-J2657, and NCC - Taiwan R.O.C.